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We are flooring manufacturer founded in 1996.

Supplying only the best in multi-ply engineered wood plank, chevron and herringbone flooring to homeowners, specifiers, builders and contractors world-wide, we are here to help you create truly special spaces. From consultation to aftercare, your journey with us will be a memorable one, and we know this because we genuinely care.

The best possible raw materials are used in the production of GOLINKFLOOR engineered wood flooring. Our quality standards are strict, the wood arrives at our factory is unpolished and its path to the best plank, chevron and herringbone in the world begins with precise grade sorting and quality control.

Our range of products and services covers the entire lifecycle of a customer’s premises, from defining needs to optimisation during use. Our aim is to offer our customers the best quality and service in the industry.

Who we are?

Why choose us?

As one of China’s leading engineered wood flooring manufacturers, GOLINKFLOOR offers a range of innovative and healthy-for-living wood flooring and the conscious design of the personal living environment, made with Swiss precision. GOLINKFLOOR is passionate about producing aesthetic wood flooring solutions using top-quality natural wood.


A wooden floor by GOLINKFLOOR brings a true piece of nature into your home. Its tangible natural feeling delivers more warmth, balance and well-being in every room.


With a fine grasp of aesthetics and functionality, GOLINKFLOOR produces high-quality and timelessly beautiful wooden floors suited for individual needs.


We produce top-quality wood flooring with passion and care, meeting the highest demands. Experience and attention to detail make our floors life-long companions.


GOLINKFLOOR flooring stands for comprehensive solutions, including everything that ensures a unique room experience: from the product itself, to service and care, and even renovation.

Work for life, joy and happiness.

For us, it is important that people find comfort and happiness in their floor surface. Bringing healthy-living to home and office is also the starting point for our design and flooring manufacturing process.

The goal of our products is to find solution to people’s latent and future needs. We are constantly studying living & working environments. What a user might need today might be useless tomorrow.

We design with the end user in mind.

Our design and manufacturing process are characterized by working together, leaning on data and preparing for change. We focus on value creation for our customers and the environment. We create solutions which are easy to understand and use. Solutions which are long-lasting both in appearance and quality, and which are aimed at bringing people, space and information together, to create even greater collaboration, wellbeing and productivity.

Sample room.

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Zhejiang Golink Floor Co., Ltd.

No.238, Beihu Street, Deqing Huzhou
Zhejiang, China.

+86 (1)58 5729 0101
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