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100% our range is produced in Huzhou, China

The way from tree trunk to round timber to finished engineered wood flooring is long, but well thought out. We value quality in every aspect.

Our range of products and services covers the entire lifecycle of a customer’s premises, from defining needs to optimisation during use. Our aim is to offer our customers the best quality and service in the industry.

Exciting insights: See and follow the journey of GOLINKFLOOR wood from its raw state to high-quality engineered wood flooring.

Origin of wood

The sustainable and safe procurement of the demanded raw materials is extremely important for us in guaranteeing GOLINKFLOOR product top quality. Thus, for example, 85 per cent of the Oak we process comes from Europe, mainly from France, Belgium and Russia, and only 12 percent from North America (e.g. walnut).

Cut log to square

Most of our demand for timber is covered by our trusted suppliers’ sawmills in France, Russia and China with FSC and TSCA certificates.

Sawn cut square to veneer

Timber square is sawn cut into veneer with thickness of 2mm(slice cut), 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm with high quality machines. As a result, we are involved in all stages of the entire process and possesses the necessary expertise.

Veneer Sorting

Our experienced team are engaged to hand sorting kiln-dry veneers with A, B, C, D grades and carefully check veneer thickness according to International Oak Grading standard.

Kiln Dry

Sorted veneers are stacked together for moisture balance treatment in kilns for 7 days, together with certain required size birch and eucalyptus plywood.

Veneer & plywood gluing

Our veneer and birch or eucalyptus plywood are bonded to each other
and compressed with Franklin Adhesives and Polymers ReacTITE EP-921,

Cold Press

Glued floor boards will get cold press progress under pressure of 800 ton for 45 minutes.

Surface Repair

Knots and cracking on the surface of floor boards are filled and repaired with 8 shades of epoxy resin.

Sawn to Individual Piece

The big boards are being sawn to individual pieces of plank floors through sawn machine.

Surface Sanding

Individual piece of floor boards are sanded to same thickness to make it fit for Tongue and Groove profiling.

Wire Brush

Wire brush craft makes the floor boards more beautiful and oak or walnut grain stand out. The depth of wire brush can be 0.5-1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2mm.

Tongue & Groove Profiling

Tongue & groove profiling and edge treatment: precision & micro-bevel are achived through Germany Homag working line so that the floors can be laid together quickly and without difficulty at the construction site.

UV Lacquer & Oil

UV Lacquer & Oil Coating, unfinished flooring get UV Lacquer / Oil Coating finish on coating line with 7 layer (5+2) Germany Treffert UV coating prefinished, or Demark Woca Natural Oil finish.

Floor Package

Engineered wood flooring is neatly packaged with paper carton packaging to protect it against humidity according to shipping and storage requirement.

Flooring Loading

Packaged flooring is stacked on pallets get ready for container shipping to customers.

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